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Skill Level

Key Takeaway

I know enough PHP to build basic sites and troubleshoot existing ones, like WordPress sites.

My Experience Using PHP

This Site was Built in PHP

I guess it's pretty convenient that the website you're currently looking at was made from scratch using PHP. I chose PHP for this site because reusing components is simpler and less overkill than a JS-driven framework like React or Angular. Plus it's always good to brush up on it, since so many sites are built with WordPress.


The cookies disclaimer on this site required a working knowledge of how JS, PHP, HTML, and CSS all work together. It basically works like this:

  1. When the user first visits the site, a cookie is created with a Name userHasVisited and a Value of false.
  2. When the user clicks Accept Cookies, a script runs which does the following:
    1. The userHasVisited value is changed to true.
    2. A Local Storage item is created with a Key of userHasAccepted and a value of true.
    3. The page is refreshed.
  3. When the page is refreshed, a PHP script in the header checks the value of the userHasVisited cookie. If that value is true, then the script for Google Analytics is added to the head tag on the page. This script generates the cookies.
  4. On the front-end, the Local Storage item determines whether to show the banner: if the userHasAccepted Key has a value of true, then the banner is hidden.

The Site I Cut My Teeth On

Another site I worked on was for this little side-gig I started called Coat & Tails. I'm not doing that anymore, but here is the (currently broken due to an update to PHP (yikes)) Dev site I used to update. Back when I had haphazard experience with web development, I had this site built for me, and then I took it over. This was actually the start of my web development career: I learned PHP, JavaScript/jQuery, SASS/CSS, HTML, and SQL. I think the best way for me to learn is through an actual income-generating project, so this was actually an amazing experience.

This site uses cookies: one to determine whether you've visited before, and a few others that are generated by Google Analytics, which helps me figure out how to improve the site.