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The bulk of the sites I've worked on at NFP were templated using Liquid.

My Experience Using Liquid

I use Liquid a lot in my current role at NFP because that's the main way to re-use content in our CMS, which is DNN Evoq. I also got a Shopify subscription and transferred my Coat & Tails site there. So I've used both versions.

With DNN Evoq, there are three main components: a Content Type, a Content Item, and a Visualizer. The Visualizer is the piece that uses Liquid; it's the template engine. So you can create many Content Items and all of them are templated using Angular-like brackets that call the data. It's essentially like PHP in that it just grabs data, except it's infinitely more readable and you can format the data that's pulled in using pipes or filters. You can even create JavaScript-like logic and variables to control when and how content should be pulled in.




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Disclaimer: Many, if not all, of the sites listed here were and continue to be a team effort. Design, content, and development choices were not and are not exclusively mine, and I may or may not be exclusively responsible for the maintenance. That said, I had a large hand in the development of all sites listed here, and, at the time of this writing, am generally pleased with the result.

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